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Hoaxes and spammersEdit

Hoax TV channels, radio stations, teleseryes, and programs (example: DWFT-TV 14, DYOC-TV 56, Lynn TV, DZBO 107.5 Flare FM, DWGR Greenlife 87.5, GMA Newsbreaking, Studio 23 Chat, Balita as Jack TV, Luna Quest, DWMC-TV 16, PH14TV, CT News, etc.) are not allowed and should not be created on this Wiki.

Vandalism and nonsenseEdit

Never vandalize, inserting false info, nonsense, or negatively-changed pages/articles.

Non-related Philippine media articlesEdit

Creating non-related Philippine TV, radio, and media articles will be marked for deletion.

Cursing, rude, or hate languageEdit

Do not insult, harass, hating, bashing, or rude comments to other users and IP addresses. Please talk normally and use English and Filipino language.

Sockpuppet accountsEdit

Please don't create multiple accounts it might be evading. Just one accounts only. if you do, you'll be block indefinitely for both accounts.


Advertising or promotion includes text "You can do with a socialize now!", "Watch Got to Believe on ABS-CBN!", "Premiere Suits - Wednesday 9PM on Jack TV", "Vote now on MYX Mo! 2013". Shouldn't be and PinoyTVRadio is not a soap boxing, advertising, or promotion.

Pornographic contentEdit

No inserting pornographic, obscene, censored, or sexual content. This will be violated if you add.

Violators will be blocked last longer extent under community!