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DZCE-TV is the flagship station of the Philippine Television Network INC TV ( the product of the merger of GEM TV and INC Channel on SkyCable). It is currently the UHF television station of Christian Era Broadcasting Service, a broadcast ministry of the independent Philippine Christian church,[1] the Iglesia ni Cristo. INC TV studios and transmitters are located at Redeemer Street, Milton Hills Subdivision, Brgy. New Era, Quezon City. INC TV shares transmission facilities with sister station Net 25. On October 9, 2012, GEM TV Channel 49 on Free TV was on Test Broadcast and was replaced by INC TV on October 31, 2012. INC TV 49 shows religious programs of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

==TV Network==

===Analog TV===

It is on Channel 48 on terrestrial TV in Metro Manila. This station is also carried by major cable operators in the country led by [[SkyCable]], [[Cablelink]], [[Destiny Cable]] and [[Cignal]].


INCTV reaches TV audiences on the [[East Coast of the United States|Eastern]] and [[West Coast of the United States|Pacific]] coasts, [[United States]], [[Alaska]] and [[Hawaii]] and the whole of [[Asia]] including [[Singapore]], [[Japan]], [[Hong Kong]], [[Macau]] (in Portuguese), [[Taiwan]], [[China]] as well as [[Australia]], [[New Zealand]], [[United Kingdom|the UK]], [[Turkey]], [[France]], [[Spain]], [[Italy]], [[Greece]], [[Germany]], [[Monaco]], [[Switzerland]], [[Iceland]], [[Denmark]], [[Norway]], [[Finland]], [[Sweden]] and the entire continent of [[Europe]].

In time for the INC Centennial Year new programs were created for the channel in 2014, which also saw the start of a new tradition - themes for the month, which are also promoted in Net 25 as well since recently.

In 2015, two [[DZEM]] radio programs began to be shown on the channel as well.

In 2016, INCTV, the newest member of the Anak TV, bagged the most number of child-friendly television program awards (23 in all) in the Anak TV Seal Awards, the biggest for a young channel as this.<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=INC bags 23 Anak TV Seals|publisher=''[[Business Mirror]]''|date=February 29, 2016|accessdate=March 2, 2016}}</ref>

==Digital television==

===Digital channels===

DZCE broadcasts its digital signal on UHF Channel 49 (683.143&nbsp;MHz) and is multiplexed into the following subchannels:

{| class="wikitable"

! [[Digital subchannel#United States|Channel]]

! [[Display resolution|Video]]

! [[Aspect ratio (image)|Aspect]]

! [[Program and System Information Protocol#What PSIP does|PSIP Short Name]]

! Programming

! Note


| 1.1 || [[1080i]] || rowspan=2|[[16:9]] || INCTV HD || [[INC TV]]  || rowspan=3| Test Broadcast


| 1.2 || [[480i]] || NET25 SD || [[Net 25]] 


| 1.3 || [[480i]] || rowspan=2|[[4:3]] || INCTV SD || [[INC TV]]


| 1.32 || [[240p]] || NET25 1seg || [[Net 25]] || [[1Seg]] (currently offline)


=== Analog-to-digital conversion ===

From September 7, 2017, in time for the 8th anniversary of the INC's Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo entered office, INCTV was granted a "special authority" from the [[National Telecommunications Commission (Philippines)|National Telecommunications Commission]] to moved its analog feed from UHF Channel 49 to UHF Channel 48 to allow the former channel to simulcast digitally in full-time, which began two days earlier (September 5). The shift was arranged for the station until its management announce its intention to permanently shut down analog broadcasts and go digital-only.


INC TV programs[]

==Current programming==[]

===Preaching and Bible-based discussions===[]

*''[[Ang Iglesia ni Cristo]]'' <small>(2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal">{{cite news|url=|title=INC bags 23 Anak TV Seals|publisher=[[BusinessMirror]]|date=February 29, 2016|accessdate=August 3, 2016|deadurl=yes|archiveurl=|archivedate=August 16, 2016|df=}}</ref>[]

*''[[Ang Tamang Daan]]'' <small>(2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''El Mensahe'' <small>(2013)</small>[]

*''Face the Truth'' <small>(2012)</small>[]

*''Gabay sa Mabuting Asal'' <small>(new season) (2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''Iglesia ni Cristo International Edition'' <small>(2012)</small>[]

*''The Iglesia ni Cristo and the Bible'' <small>(2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''International Evangelical Mission On-Air and Online'' <small>(aired quarterly)</small>[]

*''Pasugo'' <small>(2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''That's In the Bible'' <small>(2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''[[The Message (Philippine TV series)|The Message]]'' <small>(2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''Word of Truth'' (Bilingual) <small>(2015)</small>[]



===Church-centered newscasts===[]

*''Bureau Reports'' <small>(2018)</small>[]

*''Church News Junior'' <small>(2016)</small>[]

*''Church News Live'' <small>(2014)</small>[]

*''Church News Monthly Highlights''' <small>(2015)</small>[]

*''Church News Special Coverage'' <small>(2014)</small>[]

*''Church News Weekend'' <small>(2012)</small>[]

*''Executive News'' <small>(2012)</small>[]

*''The Good News'' <small>(2018)</small>[]

*''INC Live Update'' <small>(2014)</small>[]

*''Maayong Balita'' <small>(2017)</small>[]



===Convert stories and documentaries===[]

*''Itanyag '' <small>(new season) (2014)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''Landas ng Buhay: Drama Anthology'' <small>(2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''Paninidigan'' <small>(2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]



===Informative and edutainment===[]

*''AveNEU'' <small>(2016)</small>[]

*''Christian Music Videos'' <small>(2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

**''CMV Spotlight''[]

**''CMV Playlist''[]

**''CMV On Location''[]

*''Hashtag'' <small>(2013)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''INC Giving'' <small>(2012)</small>[]

*''Iglesia ni Cristo Chronicles'' <small>(2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''INC Kids Corner'' <small>(2014)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''INC Media'' <small>(2017)</small>[]

*''INCTV Public Service'' <small>(2013)</small>[]

*''Insight'' <small>(2018)</small>[]

*''Let's Sing!'' <small>(2013)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''Let's Talk'' <small>(2012)</small>[]

*''Lingap sa Mamamayan'' <small>(2012)</small>[]

*''Profile'' <small>(2014)</small>[]

*''Pundasyon'' <small>(2014)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''Resonate: Music That Matters'' <small>(2017)</small>[]

*''Taga Rito Kami'' <small>(2012)</small><ref name="anaktvseal"/>[]

*''Unlad'' <small>(2018)</small>[]



===Movie block===[]

*''INCinema'' <small>(2013)</small>[]




*''INC Radio Bulletin International''' <small>(2015)</small>[]

*''Masayang Tahanan''' <small>(2015)</small>[]


Previously aired on GEM TV/INC TV[]

  • Bundesliga Kick Off!
  • Drive It!
  • DW Journal News
  • Euromaxx
  • GEM TV News (renamed Church News)
  • GEM TV News Update (renamed Church News Update)
  • In Focus
  • Japan Video Topics
  • Light of Salvation
  • Mga Nagsialis sa Samahang Ang Dating Daan (formerly Dati'y Nasa Sumpa, Ngayo'y Nasa Tama)
  • My Life¹
  • Pananampalataya, Pag-asa, Pag-ibig

¹with INC TV

INC TV stations[]

INC TV on Free TV[]

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power (kW) Station Type Location
INC TV-49 Manila DZCE-TV TV-49 30 kW Originating Metro Manila

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